Monday, January 17, 2011

The Signs Along the Way

Between the many things which have come and gone from my lives (personal, professional, public) lately, I have come to an understanding about a few key issues.  I know that in the grand scheme of life, the little things are of no value.  But, in the act of living, the days are made of little things.  When we give too much time and thought to the details, though, we forget where we were going in the first place. 

That kind of thinking detoured me for quite some time, actually.  Now I'm back on the right road and picking up speed.  What follows are some of the signposts I've passed and maybe a few I see up ahead. 

  • Spirituality isn't for a special day.  It isn't about hurrying up and getting everything done so we can carve out quiet time in which to recognize our "oneness."  It's about going about your life, in a spiritual way.  Awareness that this day will never come again and the time we have with loved ones cannot be counted.  
  • It is never too late to rearrange your dream.  The perfect plan is normally the third one you come up with.
  • There will be ten nay-sayers for every one person who is supportive.  Don't rely on the world to listen politely, no matter how wonderful your message.  Get a thick skin to criticism but let compliments sink in without restriction.
  • We're only running a race against ourselves.  I'm not in competition with you and you're not in competition with me.  Our True Will is not a contest.
  • Age means nothing.  I'm far more advanced than some people ten years older than me; I'm also less than some who are ten years younger.  
  • Magic doesn't need to constantly happen in your life in order for your life to be a success.  Magic is what you do in order to improve life.  Once those improvements are here, enjoy them without hesitation!  
  • Do what you do with all your heart.  No one can see the goal you set in your head, they only see what you've done.  Make it the best you can!
  • Meeting new people is never wasted.  Even when the person is a good-for-nothing, you will certainly learn something from the experience.  And remember that speaking your mind (with tact) and recognizing opportunity is, in fact, learning.
  • It's far better to look back and say, "That didn't turn out as planned" than, "I wish I had tried that, but I was scared to fail."  Logically, we have a 50/50 chance of success.  Roll the dice!
  • We do not have enough books, art, music, groups, gatherings or dancing in the world.  Don't let anyone say that you can't make it or that your talent isn't needed.  
  • As Confucius said, "The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."  Stick to what needs done right now, and nothing further.
  • Everything important will get done  And just because something is important doesn't mean it has to be perfect.
  • Whatever you do, make sure it is because you truly want it.  When all is said and done, you cannot fault resent others or be angry with yourself.  You were doing what made you happy at the time.
  • Covens are not badges of honor.  It's a service to the community, a family lineage.  Don't get hung up in bragging rights.
  • The Gods are not "out there" somewhere but they are also not constantly peeking over our shoulders; you must talk to them, worship them, connect with them to bring them out in your life.  If you say you follow a deity, show Him/Her, not me.
  • Swift action is not always a bad thing.  If someone needs to hear your painful advice, say it short and fast.  If an upstart needs a swat, hand it out and don't regret it.  You're the only unhappy one when you spare everyone's feelings but your own.
  • There is a magical community everywhere.  Some places have more people or more gatherings but there's no substitute for quality.  Find the quality where you are, and you will have struck a goldmine.  

I hope this has been as enlightening a season for you as it has for me.  But if you find yourself on some unfamiliar roadway, speeding far from your destination, remember that it is never too late to say, "Stop a second and gimme the map." 

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  1. I have not met anyone (younger) as advanced as you Quill. Your commitment is far beyond the millions who dabble and it only grows stronger.